i cant contact anyone after they fucking kick me out im hoing to end up homeless

2021.10.17 18:51 moidhater i cant contact anyone after they fucking kick me out im hoing to end up homeless

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2021.10.17 18:51 hashirama_ian Looking good...

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2021.10.17 18:51 MelihAng35 Ayn Rand ve Ahlak

Ayn Rand modern çağın en önemli filozoflarından birisi kesinlikle. Ama ben bugün kendisi hakkında değil onun kurduğu sistem olan objektivizm üzerine konuşmak istiyorum. Ayn Rand , kapitalizmi iyi olduğu için değil "ahlaki olarak" tercih ediyordu. Kendisi kolektivizm ve sosyalizmi ahlaksızlık olarak görürken kızıldereli katliamını ilginç bir şekilde desteklemiştir. Ayrıca kendisi "devletin ahlaki olarak sadece hukuk ve ordudan ibaret" olması gerektiğini savunmuştur. Ancak burada bir eksik vardır. Eğer söz konusu ahlak ise devletin varlığı ve kamusal silahlı birim kesinlikle kabul edilemez. 28 haziran olaylarında görüldüğü üzere ahlaksız olan masum protestocular değil saldırgan polistir. Devletin büyüklüğü değil burada konu, devlet var olup olmaması. Eğer söz konusu ahlak ise her türlü devleti ve devlet birimini reddetmeliyiz. Siz bu hakkında ne düşünüyorsunuz?
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2021.10.17 18:51 degenanonthrowaway Losing it in Amsterdam

*Throwaway account since main one is connected to me personally
I'm 19M and I'll be travelling to Amsterdam this winter and it's one of the best places to to engage with hookers since it's regulated and safe. Plus, 50 EUR is not much.
The only thing that's holding me back is the 'lack of emotions'. Its just gonna be raw sex, no emotions, no love, no cuddles.
There's a part of me that thinks I'll regret losing it with someone whom I don't love while the other part of me just wants to get it over with.
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2021.10.17 18:51 kalpesh2872 Bitgame project

I believe that this project will beat the imagination of thousands of people globally who doesn't believe in the kind of technology platform is leveraging upon or its full scale platform. This has amazingly sophisticated automated trading tools with machine learning and artificial intelligence. This is in line with modern technology
Bitgame #LUT #Bitgame_bounty #BTC #Crypto #Sports @BitgameGlobal https://www.bitgame.com/
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2021.10.17 18:51 SnipShow_Hut To all the people raising prices on 74-79 cards...

Respectfully, go screw yourself. I do not currently have a lot of coins, AND I sure as hell will not spend 4000 on a 79 card. I am going to wait, but you people are annoying...
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2021.10.17 18:51 reddit_feed_bot JackPosobiec: Tesla's Latest Debacle Shatters Conservative Myth of "Get Woke, Go Broke" https://t.co/FAWbISbkf2

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2021.10.17 18:51 ValentinM97 MagSafe mount for Ruby the red C-class convertible

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2021.10.17 18:51 Universeiswatching Listening to O-Reprise makes me feel something that i can’t explain. A beautiful, haunting, heart-wrenching feeling. Sometimes i have to stop it because i can’t take it. How do you feel when you hear a specific song?

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2021.10.17 18:51 KarthikUwU WHERE IS HE JJ??

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2021.10.17 18:51 EaglefromTheDepths Does anyone know what type of fish this is? Caught in a pond in Georgia

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2021.10.17 18:51 Coherent37 Conspiracy rap anyone?

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2021.10.17 18:51 InvestorChef246 I’m having two issues.

Issue A:
My browser and antivirus flags the file as a severe Trojan and prevents me from downloading it.
Issue B:
When I disable the browser protection and antivirus, the file just doesn’t run.
Browser: google chrome OS: Windows 10 64 but
Any advice?
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2021.10.17 18:51 reddit_feed_bot JackPosobiec: 😨 https://t.co/HJiz3z3Ow1

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2021.10.17 18:51 NothingsCall black tar god chernobolg

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2021.10.17 18:51 alexc981 Press Conference Audio

Not sure if this has been posted before, but has anyone found that when they choose to do a press conference after a game, the audio is just an unbearably loud static noise?
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2021.10.17 18:51 paul_basel BABI VALENTIM (@babivalentim)

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2021.10.17 18:51 VisualMotor559 We need all parts 🔥🔥

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2021.10.17 18:51 LilEggnog Robert Pattinson talking about how he prepared for the role of The Batman

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2021.10.17 18:51 oliviamrow Can Giants make another run in 2022? Biggest unknowns are Posey and the rotation

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2021.10.17 18:51 Gaelle-DJ There Planet Is No B

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2021.10.17 18:51 bussy-enjoyer How can I be more empathetic towards animals?

No. I'm not torturing animals for pleasure. I'm not sick.
But no matter how hard I try to understand a vegan/vegetarian I cant. Yes there are health aspects that seem good and valid. Yes. Meat is bad for the environment.
But when it comes to the moral I simply have no feelings for animals. When I see a cow I see an animal that will get turned into food. When I see a pig I see food. When I see animals that aren't your typical pet, I have not empathy for them. I would never torture them. I support local business by buying fresh meat that was raised in a good ethical manner, but I could never turn vegan/vegetarian because I love animals.
Until now this post seemed like a rant, but I can promise its not. I was just explaining my opinion and would like to see how I can become more empathetic for livestock.
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2021.10.17 18:51 Springinotic078 [Saints Row IV] Seong Gi-Hun from Squid Game

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2021.10.17 18:51 Stoffmeister Beginner's Guide To Shiba Inu (SHIB)

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2021.10.17 18:51 mawarren88 [Homemade] Spaghett

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